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The Principle Of Artificial Tree
Aug 17, 2018

Artificial trees-This air capture device requires the use of wind power and a lot of energy. They stand in the same posture as cell phone towers, about 200 feet tall, and the top is a square filter of all sizes.

According to Lakna, he may be "planting" 100,000 artificial trees near wind turbines. Lakna said that although each filter has only one TV size, it can absorb 25 tons of carbon dioxide a year, equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide produced by an American every year.

The captured carbon dioxide can be converted into liquids or gases for easy extraction from the air capture device. Lakna calculated that such an artificial tree could wipe out about 90,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year--more than 15,000 vehicles, and more than 1000 times times the ability to improve the natural environment compared to the truly surviving trees. The concept of Lakna is, in fact, a variant of the carbon sequestration technology used to capture carbon and store it underground. The plan now removes carbon dioxide from coal, gas or fuel plants and before carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere. Other plans are seeking to liquefy carbon dioxide and then store it in abandoned mines or wells to make temporary improvements in the environment, which will be a valuable asset when technology is developed to make use of the stored carbon dioxide.

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