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How is artificial foliage made fire retardant?

There are two ways to fire retard artificial foliage. The safest and most effective way is to make the foliage fire resistant during the injection molding process. This process blends thefire retardant chemical with the fabric and plastic or PVC parts while the materialsare stil. in raw material form. Once injected, the fire protectionis inherent (ThermaLeaf- Inherently Fire Retardant) in the leaves and branches. The other process for fire retarding foliage is apost-production application in which the foliage is treated by sprayingor dipping the foliage in fie retardant chemcal. See a side by side comparison of these fire safe plat aplications to learn nore about ThermaLeaf.

ThermaLeaf@ Foliage (Inherently Fire Retardant

● Fire safe chemicals impregnated into the plant materials during manufacturing

● Will not wash or wear off

● Consistent fire protection

● US Gov SIN 4722-06

● ASTM E84-95 Class A

● California Title 19

● NFPA 701

● NFPA 705

● BS 476: Part 7 Class 0

● BS 476: Part 6 Class 0

● NFX 700-100

● CAN/ULC S109 Small Scale, Large Scale

● EN 13501-1:2007+A1:200

Topically Treated Fire Retardant Foliage

● Treated by spraying or dipping it in topical fire retardant chemicals

● May wash or wear off and requires periodic reapplication

● Inconsistent fire protection for artificial plants .

● May degrade materials, resulting in a wilted appearance

● Tacky surface film attracts dust

● Appearance may have a spotty or discolored film

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