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The Making Of Artificial Tree
Aug 17, 2018

In 1999, Klaus Lakna, a professor at Columbia University, Lackner to create an air filter to "capture" carbon dioxide from the air using chemical absorbers, only to make recommendations for his upcoming high school daughter's science fair. Lakna's idea is to create air filters that use chemical absorbers to "capture" carbon dioxide from the air and then compress the carbon dioxide into liquids or gases so they can be transported anywhere.

The reason Lakna wanted to spread the idea around the world was because his daughter, who had been able to apply the "artificial tree" to the small environment around him, made Lakna see the application of the "artificial tree". Branson's 25 million dollar bonus is a big temptation for all scientists, Lakna, who has improved the idea of artificial trees to bring home the prize.

Lakna hopes to develop a larger filter to soak up carbon dioxide in the air, while another can extract carbon from the absorbent material, and a 3rd change will turn the greenhouse gas into a controllable form.

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