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Classification Of Plants
Aug 17, 2018

The origin of life is the DNA and raw serous substance that is composed of chemical substances. At the beginning of the plant 2.5 billion years ago (yuan ancient times), the first plant in the history of the earth is fungi and algae, then algae once very prosperous. Until 438 million years ago (Silurian), green algae escaped the confines of the water environment, landing the land for the first time, and evolved into bare ferns and ferns. For the earth for the first time add green dress. 360 million years ago (Carboniferous), naked ferns were extinct and ferns declined. The stead are lycopodium, Wedge-leaved, true ferns and seed ferns, forming swamp forests. Paleozoic's main plant was almost completely extinct 248 million years ago (Triassic), while Gymnosperms began to evolve, evolving pollen tubes and completely escaping dependence on water to form dense forests. At the beginning of the Cretaceous period 140 million years ago, newer and more progressive angiosperms have been differentiated from some gymnosperms. After entering the Cenozoic, because the earth environment from the Mesozoic global uniformity of tropical, subtropical climate gradually into the middle and high latitudes of the Four seasons of the diverse climate, ferns due to the lack of adaptability further decline, gymnosperms also due to adaptability limitations and began to embark on the downhill. At this time, the angiosperm in the heredity, the development many processes as well as the stem leaf and so on structural progress, in particular, they have been instrumental in the tremendous progress they have shown in the flowering of the reproductive organ, allowing them to adapt to the harsh conditions of the environment by their genetic mutation, and develop faster and differentiate more types, To modern times, there are more than 80, more than 200 subjects.

It was the flowering of angiosperms that made the four distinct new generation of Earth beautifully decorated. It is estimated that there are about 350,000 plant species in existence, classified as seed plants, bryophytes, ferns and algae plants. Up to 2004, 287,655 species had been identified, 258650 species of flowering plants, 16000 bryophytes, 11000 ferns and 8000 green algae.

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